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A Tretchikoff Revival - A Tretchikoff Retrospective

We are very pleased to announce that a Vladimir Tretchikoff Retrospective will launch in October this year (2010) at a major South African (the artists home for 60 years) Art Institution.

The show will include many iconic works that, for the most part, have only ever been seen in faded prints. Notably, the most iconic work, the Chinese Girl, said to have sold more copies than that of the Mona Lisa will be traveling home for the exhibition.

For the decades from the 1940’s until the 1970’s Vladimir Tretchikoff received unprecedented coverage in the media and his exhibitions still hold records for attendance. Despite this he received hostile reactions from many in the established art community who saw his hugely popular art as kitsch.

Since that time many younger generations of artists and critics have championed Tretchikoff  as a ‘people’s painter’ who was a head of his time in many aspects of his art and how he marketed it.

The Retrospective will re-examine Tretchikoff and show his work in a new light that will aim to bring the originals of his work to a new generation and present him afresh to the public. This will also herald the first time in history that an academic or scholarly study into Tretchikoff’’s work and contribution to the arts has been done.

Readers who own original Tretchikoff oil paintings (as opposed to prints)  are encouraged to contact either Natasha Swift of the Tretchikoff Foundation or the curator of the Retrospective Andrew Lamprecht ( for consideration of  inclusion into the show.

Naturally, owners details will remain confidential. Works will be professionally packaged on site by Elliot International Art Relocation’s Division, couriered as well insured in transit by our sponsors. Once the works arrive at the gallery, they will be under the insurance of the gallery.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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