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Do you follow your head or your heart?

I believe most of us, if we answered this question honestly, follow our heads.  We live in a world that honors the head over the heart…although that is starting to change.  In recent times, we are waking up to the voice of the heart that wants to be heard. To hear the heart and live [...]

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Do you believe in the dreams God put in your heart?

Passion and courage is the legacy, I believe, my grandfather Vladimir Tretchikoff left me and this blog, inspired by his maverick spirit, is dedicated to passion and courage. Most people have an interest in their destinies, but they lack the passion or courage to fulfill them.
They don’t really believe the dreams God has put in [...]

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Announcing ‘Tretchikoff and me’ Show

Tretchikoff and Me will take place at Salon 91 on Kloof Street in Cape Town, South Africa from 23 June – 21 July 2010. The exhibition will juxtapose original vintage prints by Tretchikoff (and a few specially produced for the show) with works in response to Tretchikoff by fresh, young and emerging artists.

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‘Express your passion. Do what you love. No matter what.’

As a way of an introduction to the Tretchikoff Trust, I have a story to share with you about a conversation I had with my late grandfather, Vladimir Tretchikoff.

Every birthday I used to make him a birthday card and one year when I was already in my teens he said, ‘Natasha, you have a talent and I would like to give you art lessons. Would you like that?’ Now this was not a man whose offers you refused, so I very quickly said, ‘Yes. Of course Dadda (which is the Russian term for grandfather and what I called him), I would love that.’ So it was then that I would go to see him once a week for art lessons.

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I love hearing your stories…

….and everyday I receive emails from people from the four corners of the globe who want to share their story with me about their Chinese Girl and I simply love hearing them. Not only that, I wish that everyone else could hear them too.
Think about it….it said that The Chinese Girl print has sold more [...]

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A Tretchikoff Revival - A Tretchikoff Retrospective

We are very pleased to announce that a Vladimir Tretchikoff Retrospective will launch in October this year (2010) at a major South African (the artists home for 60 years) Art Institution.
The show will include many iconic works that, for the most part, have only ever been seen in faded prints. Notably, the most iconic work, [...]

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